Our Mission

In 2014 I was called by God to be a Watchman. To get as many people prepared as possible for the coming draining of the swamp and the first ever worldwide economic collapse. Our goal here at the Watchmen is twofold. First to prepare those we reach, mentally, physically and spiritually. Prepared for all potential coming challenges. Secondly, to recruit potential watchmen to help our cause.

I believe that God has anointed President Trump. I believe God has his hand on Our President. Guiding and Protecting him and his family. Good is defeating evil around the world as I write this. Major changes are coming to our world. Major revelations are also coming. Revelations that will rock the world to it’s core. Those that are prepared will thrive. Those that aren’t will suffer. Come join with us and be a part of Man’s greatest accomplishment as we enter Man’s greatest age. WWG1WGA. MAGA.
– Dan Bohan

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